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Requests for help.

Not many days go by without some form of request for help.  Although many of these do get answers, many others do not.  Can you help?  All replies gratefully received.  (I apologise for delays in replying to mail, but I do try to answer them all - eventually!

My maternal grandmother (Mary Sarah Mellish born 8 September 1881) lived at Springfield Farm, Belph until her marriage, in May 1911 (to George Beard Tristram) at St Lawrence’s Whitwell. At the time George Beard Tristram lived at Field Villa (?) Whitwell and was a Colliery Deputy and his father (also George Tristram) was a Colliery Under- Manager, I am assuming both at Whitwell Colliery.

 I well remember visits paid to Belph as a child where my grandmother’s younger brother (Charlie Mellish) was the farmer helped by his sons (Charles and Bill Mellish. Bill later farmed at Belph Grange). On a recent visit I paid to the area I was saddened to see the deterioration of the farmhouse. My father (Jim Tristram) spent a lot of time living and working at Belph in the mid 1930’s.

My grandmother’s other brother (James Richard Mellish) is commemorated on the Whitwell War Memorial, the Jerusalem Commonwealth War Graves Commission Memorial and the East Retford Parish Church - Nottinghamshire Yeomanry(Sherwood Rangers) Memorial. He died 28 November 1917, aged 24, killed in action in the Egyptian Theatre of War.

Claire Smith

I will shortly be visiting Whitwell and Clowne armed with a lot of information obtained from your website on the Butcher family.

In the 1901 census my Butcher relatives are listed on the record as being at Butcher's Farm which may have been Whitwell or Cresswell.

I have attached a copy of the census record for your information and should be grateful if you could give me any information as to whether this farm is still in existence - perhaps under some other name?


Ian Wilson

I am helping a friend research her family tree. She is descended from the Hardwickes you refer to in the book "Whitwell A Parish History".
She has Thomas de Hardwycke (b. 1472) in her tree and his wife Petronella Vernon who was the granddaughter of Sir William Vernon of Haddon Hall. She is a direct descendant of this couple. She would like to know more about this family and to trace the Hardwicke line back further if that is possible.
Can you help in any way or can you direct me to someone who may be able to?
Thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely,
Benjamin Nicholls


I was born in Creswell in 1936, moved to Hodthorpe in 1937 and was part of the population which were "Bombed Out " from King Street in the early part of the war. I used to live at 92 King St. I can remember that a large bomb fell in next doors back garden which was occupied by the Butterfield family.

I went to live on Colliery Row , now called Parkway and I thought that you may be interested in the attached web page of Harry Ramsden who lived at 12 Colliery Row (Parkway).  Both Cliff Hobson and Jack Edson will remember him.

I often visit your site but I never seem to recognise any of the people in the photographs.

Keep up the good work


Alan Maiden

I have discovered your excellent website providing extensive detail about the village of Whitwell.

I have been fortunate to trace a branch of my family tree to your village and recently discovered that Kate GREEN (1870) married Josiah BRADLEY in 1903.  Both Josiah and Kate seem to die within days of each other in 1942 and are listed on your site along with the other burial entries.

Kate’s father Henry GREEN was also buried in Whitwell in 1919 and her mother, Elizabeth GREEN in 1926.   Intriguingly there is an entry for a Joyce GREEN (1927 – 1995) who could also be part of my family.  The GREEN family were Methodists from Lincolnshire and it was therefore very interesting to see photographs of chapel folk, on your site.

My own great grandparents, Charles and Rose Ellen GREEN disappeared from the records in 1906 leaving my grandmother to be brought up in Hull never to see her parents again. 

Are there any volunteers who would be able to photograph any of the above mentioned GREEN or BRADLEY family grave stones?  I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who might have a family connection or know why the two BRADLEYs died so closely together?

Many thanks for your time.


Mike Smith

Hi Peter,
Your site was recommended to me by two people for information on the Rotherham family.
My G.G.Grandfather (on my mother's side) was Thomas Rotherham.
I found the article on the history of the Post Office at Whitwell most informative. It has given me an insight into the life of one of my ancestors.
When I first started researching my family tree three years ago I knew nothing about my mother's side of the family. Now, with sites like yours I know more about them than my mother ever did!
I have a family website which contains photos & facts about my ancestors. The address is if you want to have a look.
I hope you don't mind, but I copied part of the article & pasted it onto the Rotherham Branch.
Please let me know if you object to this, & I will remove it straight away.
Thank you for your very interesting & enjoyable website.
Best regards
Gill Cutting.

Firstly may I say thank you for your very helpful site, I've found the graveyard census particularly useful.
I've been looking into my partner's family history and his family have been based in and around Whitwell for generations.   Names include Richardson, Presley, Glossop, and Arthur and there is a connection to the family information submitted by Margaret Mantaj and by Peter Walker to your site.
I'm now at the stage where I need to double check the information I've found with the Parish Registers and was wondering if you knew if these were available anywhere?  Preferably to buy on CD so I can study them at leisure in my own home (in Whitwell)
I am given to understand that the records are not at Matlock, and have been advised to look at the Bishops Transcripts held at Lichfield.  Could you or your members confirm that for me please?
In the meantime, would you be kind enough to let me have details of how to join the local history group and any membership fees etc.
 Many thanks
Liz Dodds

Hello Peter
I have just read your interesting article on Welbeck and still reading the other articles.  I would just like to know if you have any idea of the earliest involvement of the Kelk family with the Dukes of Portland.  I notice you mention there was a house steward at Welbeck in the 1851 census but you didn't give name.  The house steward at this time was George Kelk (1817-1887).  As far as I am aware he was house steward 1846-1854.  At the time of 1851 census his parents were living at another property owned by Duke of Portland Braehead House in Ayrshire where his father was listed as factor for the Duke of Portland.  His father George born 1783 had been steward at Welbeck from at least 1837 until he moved to Ayrshire property about 1848.  This George was born at Sutton-cum-Lound to a William (c1743-1809)who had moved from Carlton in Lindrick. From what I have found online under University of Nottingham catalogue of manuscripts and special collections it appears William was a surveyor and commissioner for enclosures.  William left a will dated 1807 indicating he had freehold property in Sutton cum Lound with beneficiaries being his wife Sarah, son George and sisters Ann Kelk, Sarah Morton, Alice Daniel, and Mary Bennett, nephews Richard Turpin & children of his deceased brother John. John and his family lived in London but some of the sisters may have stayed in the local area. I am wondering if the reason for move from Carlton in Lindrick was some possible involvement he also had with Duke of Portland and Welbeck Abbey or whether his son George was the first to become involved with Welbeck.
Any help gratefully appreciated
Carmel McMullen

My grandfather was Reuben Bell, referred to on your web pages as someone who carried coke/coal around Whitwell.
Regrettably I know nothing about him except that in later years he was a lay preacher with the Whitwell church..
Do you have anything else?
Best wishes with your history work.
Douglas Bell
I have just been reading through your very interesting site as I am researching the Yaw family and thought one branch, at least, had moved many years ago to your area.
Having seen the page giving a tribute to Les Yaw I know I am looking in the right direction. I also think Muriel Yaw in Hodthorpe may belong to the same family.
I am Jane Yaw's  granddaughter  and together with a Garry Yaw from another branch, we have put together an extensive list of Yaw ancestors and descendants (over 200 at the last count)
If there are any Yaws in your society, or you know of any who would be interested (George and Sarah Yaw being the common ancestors for us all) please give them my email address and I would love to be in contact and add them in.
I have loads of information that I am more than willing to share with anyone
Many thanks
Val Warne

I was hoping that you can pass the following on to someone in WLHG that might be able to do a little researching for me as I’m stumped.  My gg granddad was Joseph Hill (b 1852, Whitwell) to Joseph Hill (cir 1809, Whitwell) and Sarah ?.  I was hoping someone might be able to find a record of their marriage in parish registers and tell me more about Sarah. Their six children were born between 1846 and 1860 all in Whitwell (from Census information) and think his wife, Sarah was born around 1825 in Norton.
I’ve also been getting conflicting evidence about Joseph’s (cir. 1791) parents – the father of Joseph (1809).  I had been led to believe that he was the son of James Hill (1721, Kidderminster) and Elizabeth Butler who married in 1747 but as James was remarried by 1759 this is impossible.  I also have that Joseph (1791) was married to Elizabeth ? (1786, Whitwell) who died around 1868, Whitwell and was listed in Whites Directory of Derbyshire (1857) and 1861 census as a farmer.   The above Joseph and Sarah are living with her in 1861 too.
I would really appreciate it if someone can help me out, or point me in the right direction.
Joanna Holland
(Melbourne, Australia)

My ancestors the Sheads lived in Whitwell from the 17th century and during the 19th century moved to pastures new after 1879.
William Henry Shead b.1845 at Cresswell married Betsy Candlin of Whitwell in 1869 and was aTailor at the Vaults Hotel in Whitwell up to 1880 and emigrated to Manitoba, Canada.
I have a newspaper cutting from a Canadian Newspaper dated 1880 stating that William Henry Shead and a Thomas Jackson were visiting Manitoba with the idea of purchasing land in Canada and taking 30 Whitwell families to form a Derbyshire Community. The Duke died in 1879 and two thirds of the workforce were laid off the building projects and two of William's brothers went to Australia and William went to Canada followed by his sisters family in 1903 to Canada.
My enquiry is are there any of Thomas Jacksons descendants still living in the Whitwell Area or any descendants of Whitwell families whose ancestors went to form this Derbyshire Community in 1880?
Did the 30 Whitwell families actually go to form this community?
I am in touch with the Great Grandson of William Henry Shead and his cousin and have visited them in British Columbia and they are intending to visit Derbyshire later this year.
Any information would be greatly appreciated, by the way it was due to you Pete passing on the e-mail that resulted in the contact with my Canadian Cousins. Could you please insert this enquiry on your site?
Tom Shead

Pete - I've been doing a lot more research into old pumps and how wooden pumps were made in the era before cast iron pumps came along. I'd assumed that the Whitwell pump on the Square was of the usual cast iron construction inside wooden boxing, as is the case with most other "wooden" pumps around the country (although some are lead). However, as it has a wooden handle, I'm now wondering if the pump itself might be wooden. I can't really image that it is, because it would surely have rotted over the years. Do you have any idea of what's behind the wooden boxing? A wooden pump or a cast iron pump?
Best wishes,

In the past you have helped me with information regarding Whitwell Church yard for which I thank you.
I am trying to find out about Hodthorpe. I understand that the Batchelors pea factory used the Methodist church building on King street from c1950's .  I wondered if you could answer my query yourself as to the exact dates the factory occupied the church building?
Thank you for your time

Does anyone have information regarding the Wilson family ?

I have information that at the time of the 1901 Census, William Wilson, spouse Sarah Ann(my great grandmother's sister) with other misc members of the household were residing at "Highwood Farm" at Whitwell.

I first learnt of this connection when reading my grandmother's memoirs (she passed away in 1985.

Would be grateful for any information.

Thank you, Daria Burnett

A colleague and I are researching medieval parks in Derbyshire with a view to publishing a gazeteer with maps and historical/documentary evidence sometime next summer. To this end we have been visiting all documented parks and doing field work looking for any evidence on the ground of banks and ditches, long, curving field boundaries, entrances or other features. In Whitwell we found little on the ground to suggest the presence of a medieval park. The area we thought was the most likely was around Whitwell Wood. We are also interested in Bondhay as Hays sometimes turn out to be early (medieval or before) enclosures. I am also flummoxed by the complicated manorial history but have found your website most informative.

Have you any ideas about a medieval park ? its whereabouts ? or traces of it on ealry maps or in field names ?

Be assured any help given will be acknowledged fully in the publication.

Our earlier book was on Duffield Frith published in 2005 by Landmark and they are going to publish this one too.

Mary Wiltshire (and Sue Woore)

In 1879 and 1881 respectively My Great Grandfather and Brother emigrated to Australia. In 1880 another brother emigrated to Canada, he was William Henry Shead, Tailor at th Vaults, Whitwell.

A descendant of the first emigrant George Foulds Shead has sent me a copy out of a book, titled the Macquarrie book of events in Australia, printed 1983. Page 245 states: In 1879 George Foulds Shead formed the Queensland Branch of the Association of Joiners and Carpenters.

It then states G.F.Shead was victimised out of Britain for his Union Activities!

Before you start thinking Convicts I am told they paid their own passage, there is on microfiche in Mansfield Library the North Notts Advertiser 1858 to 1950s which also shows free passage to Queensland and Dominion of Canada for Tradesmen.

My query is did the wealthy Land Owners exert pressure on these Union Members? have you come across this before as during the 1878 collapse of the building projects in Welbeck Abbey there appears to have been a lot of People from surrounding Villages left for pastures new because of poor job prospects.

I have learnt that Dr. Astley Cooper Foulds was cousin to my ancestors. The relation in Australia has a copy of a disputed unpaid Medical Bill for a Mrs. Skinner which the 5th Duke refuses to pay, I believe Astley Cooper was Personal Physician to the 5th Duke.

I hope this stimulates some interest.

Thomas Shead the 111.

It was with interest I read your webpage and looked at some of the old photos of Whitwell. I was born in 1948 and lived in Whitwell until the age of six. My surname was Bowden and I lived with my mother and brother Allen in Thorpe ave, Bakestone Moor. My father John Bowden was killed in the Creswell Colliery disaster of 1950. I attended the local primary school of St Lawrence and can still remember the afternoon bottle of milk and having to have a sleep in the afternoon . Happy days!! Two years ago I looked up the village and tended my dad's grave in the village churchyard. I found the council house where I had lived and the shop around the corner where I took coupons to get bananas - yes the rations were on for some items well after the 2nd world war ended. I also found the memorial at Creswell Cemetery dedicated to the men who died in the pit disaster and was touched to find it was looked after. If there is anybody in the area reading this who also have connections with the disaster or attended school when I did 1953 circa I would be happy to speak. I know I have relatives in the Chesterfield, Worksop area but have lost touch after my mum passed away.

Sue Wiggin

Dear Sirs
Do you have a layout of the graveyard at Whitwell that I could see?
I have been researching my family history for the last 25 years and many of my ancestors come from Whitwell - Godleys and Westbys.
George Westby born 1780/1781 was my great(x4) grandfather, however there were two George Westbys born in Whitwell almost exactly a year apart and I have been unable to categorically prove which one was my ancestor.
My ancestor died on 3rd November 1861. It is my belief that he was baptised on 5 August 1781, and not the one baptised on 6th August 1780.
Both are buried in the Churchyard, and I wonder whether the proximity of the graves to other close family members will finally resolve who is who.
Can you help?
By the way, if any of your members are interested, I have extensively researched my tree and I would be happy to share it. It includes one of Whitwell's famous sons, Samuel Godley, the Waterloo hero.
Yours in anticipation
Keith Hopkinson

PASHLEY blacksmiths at Whitwell.

On your website I found the notes on 'The Hinds of Belph and Whitwell'.  In it there is reference to my gt. gt. grandfather George PASHLEY the blacksmith of Whitwell.  By-the-way, he died in 1888 not 1898.

Ann Hannah HINDE was George's second wife.  He had married Emma HYSON at Whitwell in 1853 and they had a daughter Annie in 1854, bapt. at Staveley.

Their daughterAnnie married my gt. grandfather Harry Henry STANDEN at Whitwell in 1875 and they later moved to Retford in Notts.

George PASHLEY's father Joseph was a master blacksmith in Whitwell from his marriage there to Rebecca BROWN in 1814.

From your website there appear to be several blacksmiths in Whitwell  Does anybody know the site of PASHLEY's forge and do any photographs of it survive?

George was still a blacksmith in 1881 and living in Parter's Row.

Bob Jennings.


Dear Sir / Madam,

I have recently discovered that my great Grandfather Joesph George Mottishaw lived at Woodland View Hodthorpe Whitwell in 1936 and worked as a miner in this area. I was wondering if you either know where woodland view is or where it was in the village and if you have ever come across the family in any of your research in the area? Any information will be greatly received as I am trying to discover where the family originated from as it an unusual surname. Any information will be greatly received. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely.

Sally Mottishaw
I am currently researching my family history.  I originally came from the UK, lived in Clowne & Worksop.  It wasn't until i moved to Canada that I began my research and found out my family lived in Whitwell for a while.  
George & Elizabeth Drabble are shown on the 1851 census living at 67 Lowpitt Lane.  Does this address still exist, has it been renamed??
Then his parents William & Anne, show on the 1841, 1851, 1861 census living on Southfield Lane various houses.  I know these are still there as my friend lives round the corner.   William was a journeyman, not sure in what.
I have read your info on the history of Whitwell, and saw a Mary Drabble teaching at the school in 1835.  Do you have any more information on her. Her age maybe?  I have a Mary who was born in 1779, maybe this is not the right one??  I think Drabble was a large family.
Do you know of any other people researching the Drabble family.
Do you know when the houses on Southfield lane were first built.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Sonya Miller

Hi Pete,

A branch of my family emigrated to Canada in 1880, William Henry Shead was a Tailor living at the Vaults and the family since leaving Whitwell have proved to have experienced some interesting incidents.

I am in touch with 3 GGrandsons of William Henry,  all Sheads, and I wondered if it would make an interesting article of the last 128 years since leaving Whitwell.

Is it a runner for the Whitwell Miscellany?

The Canadian Sheads are interested in compiling the information.

What do you think?

I assisted in a similar project for the Australian Sheads in 2007, held in Brisbane, OZ. which proved a success.


Thmas Shead the 3rd.


While researching my family history I found your website about Whitwell, where my father  John Geoffrey Watchorne* was born on 4th December 1904.  His father was Samuel John Clifton Watchorn (a railway signalman) and his mother was Edith Augusta nee Levick. In the 1901 census they lived at Commons End. Edith Augusta Levick was the daughter of Samuel Levick who was a valet to the Duke of Portland.

My father told me that when Samuel Levick died  his widow Mary was visited by some men from Welbeck who took away some of his papers. She was told that she should not believe anything her husband had told her about the Duke because they had held a post mortem on him and found that “his brain had turned to water”. She was then awarded the tenancy of the Home Farm which she farmed for several years.

When I visited St Lawrence’s church  last autumn I could not find any graves relating to either the Watchorns or the Levicks and I wonder if you have any information about either family.

Could you let me know where I can buy a copy  of "Whitwell - A Parish History"  ?  It may be that it will tell me more about my great grandparents but if you have any unpublished clues I would be really grateful to hear from you..

As my home is in Hampshire I am not often in the Whitwell area so I rely heavily on the internet and e-mails

Yours sincerely

Christine Lambert (nee Watchorne)       * the final “e”  appears for the first time on my father’s Birth Certificate, but strangely not on those of his parents or his two elder brothers!!   



I hope you may be of assistance as I understand that Steetley falls under the Whitwell parish and I have traced your details from your local history group.

I have recently started researching my family (Keywood) history. I believe I can gain information from Steetley chapel and it's graveyard as I understand my grandfather and great grandfather lived at Steetley.

From information gained on other websites I understand (and please correct me if this is not so) that there are no gravestones after the late 1800's. If this is the case and burials were no longer carried out there, where would you think the most likely place that they will be buried. Also, can you suggest any other possible useful local source of information.

Thank you for your time and assistance


Andrew Keywood

Hi, I am really sorry to send you yet another enquiry, you must receive thousands and will understand 
if you do not have time to deal with yet another one!  I am not in the UK so am unable to research this myself.  
Do you have any information on John Woodhead marriage to Anne Linley 16 nov 1721 in Whitwell?  I am looking for birth 
year and parents of John or Anne and any children from the marriage.  If you can put me in touch with anyone else 
researching the family this may save you the time and trouble.  
Many many thanks
Rachel Lund.

I live in "Birks cottage" out to the east of Hodthorpe, just before the toll bar crossroads up what's now called Ratcliffe lane.

I am trying to ascertain the circa date of the building of the cottage/farm and if any of your members have any historical information and what would be nice the location of related photograph i could purchase.

PS its a totally differing dwelling to what is now Birks Farm. Birks farm is 700 yards to the west of my home.

Hope to hear from you.

Kind Regards



Hi I am researching my family history. I was an Allison before I married. I have traced my family back to an Alice and Joshua Allison who were married in Whitwell in 1775. My family tree can be found online at - member username is Homelymum. Their son john appears to have been born in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire in 1798. I think Joshua is my ggggg-grandfather. Does this ring any bells at all?

Kind regards

Johanne Belfield

First of all may I compliment you and your Local History Group on the splendid effort you are putting into the web site. I have found it most interesting, useful and enlightening . Please carry on.


My name is Trev Taylor, I live in Doncaster and I am researching my family history. It would appear that my great grand parents came from your village (SHOCK, HORROR) and raised children there that possibly have offspring still in the area. (Here's me thinking I'm a descendant Yorkshireman. I dare not tell the lads down at the local, they would probably tar and feather me again, like they did when I married a Derbyshire girl from Ilkestone).


Seriously though can you or any of your group help me with the following.

I have traced my great grandparents Charles and Mary Presley Taylor as living in Scotland Lane (Road now I believe) in 1881, he, was a farm labourer born 1850 she, his wife born 1853. From your web site I believe them to be buried in plots GYF4/2 and GYF5/4. At the time of the 1881 Census they had 5 children living with them, John Taylor 1867, Arthur Taylor (my grandfather) 1878, Agnes Gertrude Taylor 1879 and Ethel Mary Taylor 1881, 1month old. Although from Arthur Taylor I have a great deal of information, the other children and any which may have been born later I have nothing whatsoever. These are the people I would like information about, also Mary Presley ‘s maiden name would be very useful if it could be located. Is there any way I could access the Church records or the local register office of the time?


I also noted with interest the article regarding the post office the paragraph :-


“The original Whitwell Post Office was located at the home of Joseph Swift on Scotland Lane (now Scotland Street). Newer brickwork in the wall of the building near the junction of Portland Street and Scotland Street is still noticeable were once the Post Box was fixed. Also, in the 1851 census, a Charles Taylor is recorded as living in the area, and he is recorded as a "Letter Carrier". “ Any connection I wonder?


My wife and daughter with my grandsons intend to visit your village in the summer just to have a look around and get a feeling for the place, after all it is where we come from.


Yours Sincerely

Trev Taylor


I have recently become a genealogy junkie, and have been researching my husband's family history.  He is the great great grandson of John Spouge (1810-65), painter and glazier and father of a large family, whom I know now (after visiting your very informative and interesting website) is buried in Whitwell churchyard, with his first and second wives (Ann and Elizabeth) and many other family members.  His son - my husband's great grandfather, William Thomas Spouge - left Whitwell for work (and marriage and large family and eventual death in 1904) in Halifax, West Yorkshire.  One of his daughters, Teresa Spouge, returned to Whitwell in the late 1890s to become housekeeper to the widower of her aunt, Eliza Bradwell Taylor (nee Spouge), and produced four children in Whitwell in the early 1900s - apparently without benefit of husband!  I know that Eliza Taylor, her husband Samuel and son Edward are also all buried at Whitwell.  If anyone connected with your group has any further information on the Spouge family I should be delighted to receive it.


Although I live in Scotland, I have family in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, and will be visiting in April this year.  I am hoping to visit Whitwell (since my route goes via Worksop) and if possible come and see the graves for myself.  I see that one of your members has produced a map of the graves, and this would be very helpful to me if you are able to supply a copy (I shall send a cheque to cover the cost of this and postage etc if you give me the necessary instructions).


If any of my family history researches so far into the Spouge family in Whitwell are of interest to your group, I should be pleased to supply an account (census details etc).  Unfortunately I do not have the benefit of either family documentary sources (such as Bible, or original certificates) or even anecdotal evidence as all my husband's family are long dead.


Yours sincerely


Alice Spouge


My name is Mr Lindsay Gardam ,My family origins are very much from Yorkshire on both sides.

I have only just discovered your web site when searching for items re Whitwell , One of my forebears  was Hannah Whitwell , born 1786 in Howden. she married Stephen Gardam  . He was Parish Clerk  at Holy Trinity in Hull.

I am just wondering if the Whitwell family is still flourishing in Whitwell. The Gardams ( Gardhams) came from a place very near Market Weighton.

  Maybe you have some publications which would be of interest to me, I live in Australia , as have 3 generations,  but I visit Brit. every few years.

      Thanks,   Sincerely      .    Lindsay


I am researching my family tree and have come to a full stop with what I know is my great great grandfather.  His name is John Newton born 1827.   In the 1881 and 1861 census he is recorded as being born in Whitwell and was married and lived in Troway.    In the 1871 it states Eckington but it is obviously the same person as all the family names and ages fit.


In the 1841 census there is a John Newton, correct year of birth, recorded with a Sarah Newton 2 years younger, they lived at Highwood Whitwell with a Farmer named John Tompkins dob 1791.   There is no record of the relationship to John Tompkins, however all but John and Sarah are listed as servants.   John and Sarah are not categorised. 


There is no entry for them in the 1851 census however they may well have been destitute and not considered worth an entry or incorrectly labelled


There appears to be a record of a John Newton being christened on 29 Aug 1827 at Whitwell, parents are listed as John and Ann Newton.


I would be very interested if anyone can shed any light on this family and perhaps where they lived.  Does the place still exist if so I live fairly locally and could take photos.


Not sure if this is the remit of your web site and research


But thanks for your time if it is.


Ann  Norris


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