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Publications for sale

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Whitwell Parish Soldiers 1914-1918 (out of print)

Whitwell a Parish History (£5)

Whitwell Miscellany Issue 1 (out of print)

Whitwell Miscellany Issue 2 (£2.50)

Whitwell Miscellany Issue 3 (£2.50)

Whitwell Miscellany Issue 4 (£2.50)


Available from Thorpe's Building Supplies, Whitwell

(01909 720306)

More About Whitwell (Book 2) (£9)

War Time Whitwell (£7.50)

(An album of village scenes and people)


Whitwell a Parish History



Early Settlement
The Middle Ages
Social And Economic
Churches And Religion
Schools And Education
Local Industries
Whitwell Colliery
Transport And Communication
Inns And Institutes
Public Utilities
Census Returns
Appendix 1 Whitwell – A Short Tour Of The Old Village
Appendix 2 A Walk Around Bakestone Moor And The Village Of Whitwell
Appendix 3 The Birth And Life Of A Miner
Appendix 4 Whitwell Colliery Sayings
Appendix 5 The Dosh
Appendix 6 William Burley Higgins
Welbeck Information 


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Whitwell Miscellany Issue 1


Introduction - June Walker
Creswell Crags and Whitwell - George Webster
The War Time Poems of Sergt. John W Streets - Harold Streets
Steetley Chapel - Maureen Webster
Advertisements - Mary Weaver
Pig Insurance Society - Paul Owens
The Rondeau Sunbeam Troop - Mary Weaver
The Diary of George Walker - Peter Cox
Gleanings - Jo Wheldon
George Sims and Sons - Arthur Webster
Sir Roger Manners, Lord of Whitwell - Jack O Edson
Pigot 1821-1822 - Paul Owens
Thoresby Hall and the Pierreponts - June Walker
Whitwell Colliery Cricket Club - Cliff Hobson
Scotland Lane - Ken Keeton
Know Your Parish Quiz - Cliff Hobson
Readers’ contributions

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Whitwell Miscellany Issue 2


 Introduction – June Walker
Markland Grips – George Webster
Glover 1827-1829 – Paul Owens
United Methodist Free Church – Harold Streets
Advertisments – Jack O Edson
Gleanings – Jo Wheldon
John Greaves, Rector of Whitwell – Arthur Webster
1935 Jubilee Queen – Kitty Kenyon
Plane Crash on Red Lane – Des Thorpe
Ghost of Sir Roger Manners – Jack O Edson
Advertisments – Paul Owens
The Old Rectory – Joan Ellis
The Dosh – Anonymous
The War Time Poems of Sergt. John W Streets – Harold Streets
Answers to Know Your Parish Quiz – Cliff Hobson

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Whitwell Miscellany Issue 3


Introduction – June Walker
Advertisements – Jo Wheldon
Charles Manners-Sutton – Jack O Edson
Memories of a Twenties Childhood in Whitwell – John Presley
Whitwell County Junior School, 1959-60 – Mary Weaver
Gleanings – Jo Wheldon
Past Times in the Dicken – Cliff Hobson
Ernest Goucher and Ralph Miller – Richard Morgan
Grimm around Whitwell – Paul Owens
The War Time Poems of Sergt. John W Streets – Harold Streets
Whitwell Coy. Church Lads Brigade – Mary Weaver
Whitwell Old Hall – Paul Owens
Cakes & Biscuits – Dorothy Machent
Report on the Outing to Burghley House – David Wright
The Village Green – George Webster
Advertisements – Jack O Edson
To The Parishioners of Whitwell – Cliff Hobson

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Whitwell Miscellany Issue 4


Introduction - June Walker
Advertisement - Des Thorpe
The Feast - Jim Buckingham
Gleanings - Jo Wheldon
The Square - George Webster
Whitwell Welfare Bowling Club Ladies Team - Ken Keeton
Memories Of A Whitwell Rector -' Paul Owens
Advertisements - Jack 0 Edson
Whitwell, 1789 - Paul Owens
Advertisements - Jo Wheldon
Whitwell's Church Parades - Malcolm Dolby
Timber Corps - Muriel Beeston
Advertisement - Des Thorpe
A Typical Rector Of Whitwell (1600-1914) - Norman G Trott
Our Model Band - Ken Keeton

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We are selling these books on behalf of the author, Mr Des Thorpe.

More About WHITWELL (Book Two)


More About Whitwell
     Weather Forecasting
     Plane Crash Witnesses
     Norah Cooke
     The Station Road Church
     A Unusual Whitwell Story
Views (Photos)
Whitwell And Whitwellians
     Bob Ibberson - A Fox Road Neighbour
Village Characters (Photos)
The Parish Magazine Collection... Starting 1883
Whitwell School Log
Transport (Photos)
An Edited Version Of Cllfford Thorpe's Records Of Whitwell
     The Housing Situation In The Village
     The Conservation Policy
     Whitwell's Workforce At 21st March 1985
     Street Name Changes
     Significant Dates
     Things Financial
    Population Variation In Whitwell
Oddments (Photos)
The Local Railway
Parades And Bands (Photos)
Local Coal Mining
The Creswell Colliery Disaster - 1950
     September 26th 1950 Mine Disaster
     Extract From The Disaster Enquiry
Ann Tompkln's Farm Diary 1828 - 1831
Theatre And Religion Groups (Photos)
Parties And Presentations (Photos)
School Groups (Photos)
Football And Other Sports (Photos)


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(An album of village scenes and people)


Aerial Views
Celebrations Pre-War
Celebrations Post-War
Industry and Business
Large Assemblies
Old Scenes
Parades - Marches
Post War Scenes
Presentation Groups
Shops and Pubs
Whitwell Colliery
Winter Scenes

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War Time Whitwell


Whitwell Briefly
The Post Office
The Early Years…..As Told To Me
Moving Home
The Old Lavatories
Buying Our House
The Welbeck Street Central Methodist Chapel
More About Dad
Painting And Decorating
Bomb Raids
Aeroplane Crash Landings Near Whitwell
Ornamental Railings
My Egg Hatching Project
Visiting Grandmother In Worksop
St. Lawrence School
Dinners At The Old Manor
More School
Strange But True
Christmas Times
A Caning From Miss Carter
Winter Time At School
Rationing And Keeping Pigs
Hot Water
Shopping At The Co-Op
Fashion And Trends
Rug-Making - Mam's Spare Time Money Earner
Fox Road
Gas And Electricity
The Advantages Of Living Next To A Slaughter-House
Fox Road Vehicles
Shops And Businesses
Local Characters And Special Services
The Fox Road Gang
Farms And Seasonal Work
The Recreation Ground And The Nfs
Bomb Shelters
The Scouts, The Clb And Other Pastimes
Music And Whitwell Brass Band
The Windmill
Whitwell Station
Coal Deliveries
Seafood Deliveries
Local Tradesmen
Local Crime
Aged Eleven And Growing
Belph Common
Shirebrook Central
Another Caning
Church Lads Brigade And The Scouts
Food Oddments
Prisoners Of War
End Of War Celebrations
Work (And What A Lot Of It There Was!)
And Finally I'll Try And Leave You With A Smile

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Whitwell Parish Soldiers 1914-1918



Roll of Honour 1914

Battle Neuve Chappel & Aubers Ridge

Williams Setchell’s Account

The Dardenelles/ Gallipoli 1915

Ypres Salient, (Belgium) Sanctuary Wood & Hooge

Battle of Loos
Battle of the Somme 1916

Arras 1917

Messines Ridge & Battle of 3rd Ypres, (Paschendaele).

Arnold Sibbring’s Diary

Harold Drabble’s Recollections -Mary Bonsall (nee Drabble.)

Norman Butcher’s / Fred Limb Letters

Roll of Honour - Parish Fallen

Other Soldiers Information

Whitwell Prisoners of War

Whitwell School Roll of Honour - Robert Ellis (Headmaster)

Roll of Honour. Lists of Men who served 1914-1918.


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