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Names being researched

The group receives lots of e-mails from interested individuals who are each researching names from Whitwell's past.  Much of this research overlaps and I regularly get requests to put people in touch who have a common interest.  I intend to put the researchers name and the names they are researching.  I will only put e-mail addresses if the person has specifically requested me to.

If you would like to make contact with a fellow researcher, send your request to me and I will pass it on.


Researcher Name(s) researching
Roger Apps  I am researching my Whitwell links -I am directly related to :- 
Brunts ( Ivy Cottage )* Rhoda born 1815 and Hannah * * ( her daughter) born 1839 -  *my great-great grandmother / **my great grandmother
Wrights / Milnes / Ellis / Hancocks by family contact and marriage.
I am looking to find please Rhoda's ancestors.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I am willing to share my family tree with any interested party.
My great-grandfather, David Wall married Hannah Brunt - they are buried in the churchyard. He was village policeman c. 1868
Alice Spouge Spouge

Tom Shead

Thomas Jackson, Shead

My ancestors the Sheads lived in Whitwell from the 17th century and during the 19th century moved to pastures new after 1879. William Henry Shead b.1845 at Cresswell married Betsy Candlin of Whitwell in 1869 and was a Tailor at the Vaults Hotel in Whitwell up to 1880 and emigrated to Manitoba, Canada. I have a newspaper cutting from a Canadian Newspaper dated 1880 stating that William Henry Shead and a Thomas Jackson were visiting Manitoba with the idea of purchasing land in Canada and taking 30 Whitwell families to form a Derbyshire Community. The Duke died in 1879 and two thirds of the workforce were laid off the building projects and two of William's brothers went to Australia and William went to Canada followed by his sisters family in 1903 to Canada.


My enquiry is are there any of Thomas Jacksons descendants still living in the Whitwell Area or any descendants of Whitwell families whose ancestors went to form this Derbyshire Community in 1880?

Did the 30 Whitwell families actually go to form this community?


I am in touch with the Great Grandson of William Henry Shead and his cousin and have visited them in British Columbia and they are intending to visit Derbyshire later this year.

Val Warne YAW

I have just been reading through your very interesting site as I am researching the Yaw family and thought one branch, at least, had moved many years ago to your area.
Having seen the page giving a tribute to Les Yaw I know I am looking in the right direction. I also think Muriel Yaw in Hodthorpe may belong to the same family.
I am Jane Yaw's  granddaughter and together with a Garry Yaw from another branch, we have put together an extensive list of Yaw ancestors and descendants (over 200 at the last count)
If there are any Yaws in your society, or you know of any who would be interested (George and Sarah Yaw being the common ancestors for us all) please give them my email address and I would love to be in contact and add them in.
I have loads of information that I am more than willing to share with anyone

Richard Morgan

Ernest Goucher and Ralph Miller

Joan Dunstan

Hannah Otter (nee Stubbings) born in the 1870s in Whitwell

Susan & Idwal Evans

Botham and Higgins

Keith McClellan

Presley, Hardwick, Kitts, and Busby.

Peter Machin

Brain and Machin Family

Stuart Richardson

Carol Harrop

Jim Wright

Burley Higgins

Beryl Pearce


Robert Stennett

David Dawson

Brian Edge Edge, Pattison, Rollett/Rollitt, Colton
Joanna Holland Hill, Stubbings and Rogers
Margaret Mantaj Bartholamew
Keith Taylor
Paul Bell Bell
Pete Hopkins Allison and Newton
John Hornby Streets
Ngaretta Sribar Candlin and Hardwick
Elizabeth McLennan Goacher
Vicki Connors John Richard Edwards, Edwards
Roger Stubbings Stubbings
Marion Burt Radford family
Sally Challinor Bromhead
Gillian Cutting Rotherham
Mike Clifford Hind


CUTTS 18C - LUNN 18C - PLATTS 18th C to date - PROCTOR all - SALES 19C - WRIGHT 17C.

 My Gt.Grandfather George Proctor PLATTS was born Whitwell in 1843 and married Fanny ROTHERFORTH . His mother was Christiana PLATTS baptised 1819 (Clowne).

Ann Sutton

Pacey, Pogmore and Pitchfork.

My name was Pitchfork and I have researched back to Peter Pitchfork born about 1746 and I would like to

Go back further.  Ann Pitchfork born to Elizabeth and another Peter Pitchfork lived to 103 in Mansfield Notts.

Dave Hardman


I am researching my family history and would like to find out more about the Brunt family who were in your village during the 19th century, I am particularly interested in

John Brunt who was born in Whitwell c 1842

and his father Jarvis Brunt who was born there about 1812 and also I think his parents John and Hannah were also from Whitwell. Any help/information would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas Shead 

I have been checking the PORTLANDS London home to find when they moved into Harcourt House. My research shows the 3rd Duke lived at Bulstrode in Bucks and his mother Margaret lived at Welbeck. The Duke died in 1809 and won Harcourt House in a card game allegedly, but no date given in any account I have read.

The reason for this enquiry is my ancestors John and Margaret Godley Shead, both born in Whitwell lived and worked in Shoreditch but the place they lived was a long way from Bulstrode so were they employed by the Duke at Harcourt House? Their 2 children Henry b. 1776 d. 1839 and Ann b.1780 d. 1861 returned to Whitwell, Henry married Sarah Seymen, and is shown on the 1839 tithe map of Whitwell living at the Homestead, Ann never married and according to the census returns was a Schoolteacher.

After 1851 the WHERE BORN was included on the census forms and I have noticed for Whitwell there are a lot of Whitwell families whose offspring were born in numerous locations in the London area and Cumberland region in the North West.

Samuel Godley the Waterloo hero also spent his last part of his life in London.

My theory is the Duke would employ local people and employ them at his various homes where they would have to be loyal and hardworking, it would be a long walk back to Whitwell in the 17th and 18th century if they were disloyal.

Claire Fox


Hello, I'm just working on my family tree and wonder if anyone could help me with more information about my paternal grandfather and grandmother who lived at Jubilee Road in Whitwell in the 1930's. My grandfather was Francis/ Frank Hunt and his wife was called Audrey Denise Hunt- I do not know her maiden name. My gandfather was a miner and later went on to run the Elmtree Inn in Elmton. He is buried in Elmton churchyard. As my father died when I was still a small girl, I do not know much about his side of the family.    Thanks for any help or info
Barbara Mitchell

I have been researching the above families who were living in Whitwell in the 1870/1880's working as quarrymen.  William Wood was from Halifax and he and his family gave their address as "Fiddler's Row" which I understand is a local name for these cottages. Their daughter Mary Wood married Frederick Clayton Hornbuckle from Sneinton, Nottingham (my husband's Great Grandparents) and they had children including George who died as an infant and is buried at Whitwell and Emily who was sent to Australia with an Aunt - Agnes Clayton. The Hornbuckle's later moved to Sheffield.

We recently visited Whitwell to have a look at the church and noted that the Parish Church is St Lawrence's. The parish noted in the records for the family is St Stephen's. Is this the same church? Perhaps you could let me know if there is another Church in the vicinity called St Stephen's.

Any information about this family would be very interesting to me and  also to Emily's descendants in the Melbourne area, Australia with whom I have made contact.

ps The Hornbuckles seemed to adopt the surname 'Clayton' as a middle name for all their family from about 1850 onwards and to date I have not been able to establish the reason for this. Do you have any information about the Clayton family in Whitwell?  Thank you

Joan Hands

I am researching the Vickers and Bell families for a friend of mine who is a direct descendant of Charles Vickers b. c. 1798 in Barlborough, Whitwell.  He was a farmer I believe.  He married Julia Gibson who was born in Eckington c. 1797.  Julia Vickers, their grandaughter, married an Edward Bell in 1892.  I see from your website the Bells were a local family and wondered if there was any connection?  I would be pleased to hear if you have any information on these families. 
Eileen Lee

I have been researching my family & my journey has brought me to Whitwell. My great grandad John Eyre is on the 1841 census in Elmton age 18.

As no trace of his birth in Elmton could be found, I contacted Derbyshire Records office & found he was baptised in Whitwell on 18th July 1824, parents Samuel & Elizabeth Eyre.

Tracking weddings for a Samuel & Elizabeth, I have found a record for 28th September 1820 at St Marys, Worksop.  The two witnesses were Mary Parkin & William Monk.

There is a birth record for an Elizabeth Parkin on 9th September 1799 at Whitwell, parents John & Ann Parkin.

Adrian Cheetham

I stumbled across your site, The Whitwell Local History Group, while (as I expect most people do!), delving into my past.  I've recently discovered the name of my great great grandfather, and I'm looking for a little more information on him and his family/ancestors etc. His name was William Richardson, born c1826 in Clowne, and his wife was Elizabeth, born c1829 in Blyth.

In the 1851 census return, William Richardson, an agricultural laborer and his wife Elizabeth are living with daughter, Eliza (aged 1) in Whitwell.  By the time of the 1861 census there are 5 children, including Thomas b c1857 (my great grandfather).  In the census of 1871, William and Elizabeth are still in Whitwell with Eliza (now Elizabeth), Thomas and Henry (aged 5).  In 1881 living in Webster's Yard Whitwell, Thomas is married to Mary A (26) said to have been born in Thorpe Hesley, York's.

The main thing I'm trying to find out now is William's parentage, and Elizabeth's maiden name.  As I presume everybody says though, any information you may have regarding my line would be extremely appreciated, so I'll say it too!  

Jonathan Webster My great-great-great-great grandfather Robert Webster, a stone mason; was born in Whitwell in 1799; and I know his father was called William Webster and was born circa 1770 (but was possibly born in Nottingham), but I haven't been able to trace the family back any further than that.  I wondered what information you had pertaining to the Websters in Whitwell that might help, if any.
Helen Adelsbury

John Taylor

Have just stumbled across your Whitwell Local History webpage, whilst trying desperately to find information on the most likely place of christening for my great-great-grandfather who was born in Creswell in about 1833.  His parents were Henry & Mary TAYLOR and unfortunately I still have not managed to track down a nee name for Mary, after many years of searching. 

I noticed on your Graves page that there is a burial for an infant John Taylor from Creswell which took place in 1835 and wondered whether he could have been a son of my Henry & Mary.

The problem is that I live in Western Australia so am relying on searching the internet for census details, purchasing certificates from the GRO and asking for assistance when I hit a brickwall.  This is what I know so far:

Henry TAYLOR born circa 1804 in Nottingham married Mary ? born circa 1801 in Holbeach, Nottingham (birthplaces from the 1851 census).

Children:  Henry born circa 1833 in Creswell, Derbyshire (birthplace from 1851 to 1891 censuses inclusive).  Died 7th May, 1896 in Liverpool aged 63 years.

Ann born circa 1827 in Creswell, Derbyshire (birthplace from 1851 census).

In 1851 the TAYLOR family are living in Liverpool, Lancashire at 57 Copperas Hill and Henry senior is a Greengrocer. 

Henry junior is an apprentice Paviour.  Despite having combed the 1841 census for the family in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lancashire, I can find no sign of them.

I have an extensive history on Henry Taylor junior and descendents in Liverpool, but have not been able to definitively pinpoint the whole family in 1841, nor anyone apart from Henry junior from 1861 onwards. I have purchased loads of Henry Taylor death certificates in Liverpool, hoping to find one for Henry Taylor senior, but none of them have thus far matched.

I have located 2 possible IGI christening events for Henry, both with parents Henry & Mary Taylor.  One took place in Whitwell in 1833.  The other is from the Wesleyan Cromford Circuit and has a birthdate as 30th May, 1834 with christening on 22nd June that year.  I realise Cromford is some way distant from Creswell, so am not certain that this is the right family, but there is an entry for an Ann Taylor of approximately the right age also.


Rene Sutch (nee Morton)


William Morton married Ann Fletcher,daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, in January 1779 at Whitwell par ch. which I take to be St. Lawrence. They had 8 children of whom John,1784 is my direct line. The Fletchers seem  to have been from Whitwell but I can't find a baptism for William. John later described his father as a farmer, presumably as a tenant.Does anyone know who the most likely landowners were around that time and where estate records might be as these may give William's age and place of birth. There was a William Morton on the WLHG graveyard list ,buried in

1794- I wonder if he was 'my' William as his youngest child seems to be Sarah in 1793. From hereon I have traced all the family and their movements and am now trying to work backwards.


Zoe Edwards

My grandmother's maiden name was "Minkley".

I have found that I am in fact related to Joseph Minkley of the Fox Brewery (apparently he is my first cousin 4x removed!).

Now, I know that his father was George Minkley, also a beer retailer.

But I would love to know anymore about the history of the Fox Brewery and how Joseph ended up owning it. I know that his father died in 1877 and left him some money, but that's all I know!

Also, if anyone has any more "Minkley" information, I'd be happy to mix/match/share/add what I have, what you have!

Barbara Mitchell

Any information about the above families would be appreciated especially about Emily Clayton Hornbuckle who was sent to Australia in  1884 aged 10 years with an Aunt named Agnes Clayton. We are very interested as to why the Hornbuckle family included Clayton in the middle of their names as we are finding it difficult to locate this particular family.

The Hornbuckle family moved to Sheffield in the 1890's.  Mary Wood whose father William was a stone mason from Halifax and lived in Whitwell married Frederick Clayton Hornbuckle from Sneinton, Nottingham  after he also came to work as a mason in Whitwell.

Celia Renshaw

Mr John RENSHAW of Birks Farm died in 1705 and left a long, wordy Will naming his ten children and a grandson John RENSHAW “now living in New Jersey” whom he describes as “son of my son John, deceased”.  RENSHAW descendants in the USA are keen to know more about this family before the migration of New Jersey John (probably in the 1680s) and about those who stayed behind.  As a RENSHAW (by marriage) living in Derbyshire, I’m trying to help.  We know there was another John RENSHAW of Birks, a lawyer, in the 18th century but don’t have many details about him.  We would also particularly like to know if there are any living descendants of this branch.

Ian Baker

This was most interesting as I am also related to John Hind, your own records confirmed my own findings about the family.  I too am at a brick wall and have no other information to take John Hind further back.
Emily Hind daughter of Thomas Hind married my great grandfather Joseph Pashley.
You may know Thomas died in a workhouse at Belper he seems to have had a difficult life.



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